Stella d’0ro

Asked July 22, 2020, 8:29 PM EDT

Hi, our yellow Stella d’oros were doing well until recently, they now have a lot of buds but no flowers. Is there anything we should be doing or will they continue to bloom? Are other colors better for longer blooms? Thanks for any information!

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Stella d'Oro are a reblooming daylily, but you really need to deadhead (remove the old flower and the ovary at the base of the flower) every couple of days. If you don't do this, the ovary will swell, producing seed. The plant can stop blooming because it thinks its work is done.

A swollen ovary can look like a flower bud. See for a picture of a spent flower. You want to remove all the way to the stem. It should snap off easily.

Removing the ovary is good even for plants that won't re-bloom as the formation of seeds uses energy that the plant can otherwise use to prepare for a good blooming season next year.

Most daylilies bloom for a short period. This article has a list of other re-blooming daylilies like your Stella that stretch the blooming period: