Crabgrass, quackgrass or something else?

Asked July 22, 2020, 8:14 PM EDT

We had a commercial company spraying for weeds last year. But because of the pandemic we had to cut back on certain expenses so we decided not to have them out this year. Our frontyard looks fine but in the backyard we have half grass 1/2 this weed. My husband used Scotts Weed and feed at the beginning of Spring. I thought it would take care of this but this weed has just began to emerge more this past month. Any idea what it is and what we can do about it? It does not look like the normal crabgrass we get.

Scott County Minnesota

1 Response

I cannot identify your weedy grass from a distant photo. If it is crabgrass there are herbicides available combined with weed killers that will work on it. If it is quack grass, that would be a harder problem to solve. Go to this site and look at the photos and descriptions and the match them to what you see in your lawn: