Pepper Plant leaves curled up / some dark discoloration

Asked July 22, 2020, 4:39 PM EDT

Novice gardener here Smiling I planted a variety of pepper plants (anaheim, habanero, serrano etc), and they all have this issue of leaves curling inward or sometimes outward. On top of that, it looks like more leaves are falling off. The pictures show some seedlings I planted as well as 2 mature plants. I also started noticing that some of the leaves on my pepper plants (in both planters) have a dark discoloration and eventually fall off. I think I was overwatering for a while (everyday). I know I have overwatered + possibly over fertilized and am in the process of letting the soil dry out. I've looked for pests and seen some whiteflies and tiny spider looking things. I have tried neem and a soap spray and fertilize every 2 weeks.

What could be the problem? overwatering? Ca deficiency? fungus?

Harris County Texas

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That almost looks like damage due to chilli thrips. See

Suggest to take a piece of paper and shake the tips vigorously and see what drops out. These insects are small so a hand lens might be handy. Let us know what you find.