Red bud tree

Asked July 21, 2020, 8:37 PM EDT

16 year old red bud tree: May I trim a large original branch now -- July?

Genesee County Michigan

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Prune redbuds after flowering but before July 1st. Spring flowering trees set their flower buds for the following year in July.

Winter is the best time to trim any dead, diseased or broken branches on redbud trees is during late winter since the tree is dormant. Cutaway any smaller twigs or branches that have turned brown. Trim away any shoots that have sprouted from the bottom area of the trunk. Late Spring/Early Summer To shape redbud trees, it is important to do extensive pruning right after flowering is over and the blooms have fallen off. This is best done in late spring to early summer, ranging from April to May most often. Assess the tree's natural shape, which is usually a wide crown shape. Trim the tree in the desired shape at this time, using safe pruning techniques. Pruning For "Bleeders" and Blight When redbud trees have problems, pruning can help eliminate them. "Bleeders" are redbud trees (and any flowering tree) that emit a lot of sap. If this happens to when you prune your tree in late spring to early summer, then switch to doing your regular pruning during mid-summer. This will help reduce the amount of sap that oozes from the tree. If your tree encounters fire blight, a common disease among redbud trees, you must prune the affected area. If you don't prune away the diseased limbs properly, it can kill the entire tree. Prune fire blight-affected areas during late winter.

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