Making liquid fertilizer

Asked July 21, 2020, 5:05 PM EDT

Hello, I am starting a garden for the first time and need to find a way to provide fertilizer for my plants (tomatoes, bell pepper, okra, mouse melon, kale, broccoli, mint, basil, green onion). Part of the motivation for gardening was to grow organically and recycle/reuse so I would like to reduce dependence on commercially available products. I am starting a compost bin already but in the next 3 months before I have any compost, what can I use for fertilizer? I've read a lot about using vegetable waste from the kitchen and grass clippings/weeds to steep over 1-3 days to produce liquid fertilizer (such as this: but have not found any reputable source to ensure this is safe for the plants and safe for the environment.

What can I do to produce liquid fertilizer at home at low cost? I am in Toronto, Canada (Zone 6) relatively close to Michigan.



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Thank you for your question. There may be some good ways to make liquid organic fertilizers; however, if not done correctly it may not be the best for your plants. Plants can't tell if the nutrients come from organic or chemical means. Putting that aside, you would be better off using traditional organic materials to meet your needs. It is also important that you know what your soil needs to grow your plants successfully. This can be done with a soil test. Check out the links below for more detail:

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