Please help identify. It’s spreading and taking over

Asked July 21, 2020, 2:07 PM EDT

Please see attached pictures. This plant is taking over a creek and the wetlands surrounding it; choking out everything else. If you could assist me in identifying it as well as the best, safest way to eliminate it I’d appreciate. It’s too extensive to remove it all by hand

Marion County Oregon

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This looks like slough sedge, a common native wetland plant. It is generally considered to be a beneficial native plant in wet areas. I found many references to planting and encouraging this plant, but I could not find much information about controlling it.

Options for herbicides are very limited in wetlands, so manual control by digging, cutting, or pulling will be your main options. Obviously, this plant is very good at occupying the growing space in your creek/wetland area. If you do kill or remove it, to keep it from reclaiming the space you will need to replace it with another plant that you find more desirable. The challenge is identifying and establishing suitable replacement species that will thrive in this wetland environment.

Glenn, thank you very much! I don't want to remove all of it, but it some places it's all there is for 30-40 feet. We're hoping for a little more variety around the spring/creek on our property. It's also blocking the creek in places and that I'll definitely remove by hand.

Thanks again!