Hosta leaf spt

Asked July 21, 2020, 1:34 PM EDT

My hosta in a sun/shade area have yellow areas that turn brown with a darker brown edge around the spot. The inside of the spot dies and falls out, leaving a hole. Is there a spray available or treatment for this?

Kent County Michigan

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If you have photographs, you are welcome to upload them to help the diagnostic process. But from your description it sounds like anthracnose, which is a common fungal disease of hostas. This can be caused by prolonged leaf wetness, if the plant is watered later in the day and not just at the base of the plant, but it can also take hold when plants are in too much sun which can damage the leaves and make them vulnerable to this fungal infection. Control methods usually focus on removal of any affected plant material, and this should be bagged for the trash. If it is persistant, a fungicide can be used according to the label. It should be labeled for use on hostas, and effective against the Colletotrichum fungus.