Pruning tomatoes

Asked July 21, 2020, 1:04 PM EDT

I have multiple tomatoes plants , all doing well ( knock on wood!!)
They are actually a bit overgrown. I think I have to prune them.
My question: when removing lower branches or any branches with smallish or spotted leaves, is it better to remove the whole branch, ( ie, prune at main stem)?
Or is it okay to cut within the branch, ( ie, anywhere along the branch where leaves show spots, or other issues)? Or does it even matter as long as clean cut?
Many thanks for your help!

Montgomery County Maryland

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Pruning tomatoes - remove lower leaf branches and suckers back to the main stem. This improves air circulation and slows upward spread of fungal diseases.
Higher tomato stems can be cut anywhere along the length of the stem to keep the plants in bounds. Here is a video on pruning suckers on your tomatoes