Honeysuckle leaves curling and turning yellow

Asked July 20, 2020, 5:13 PM EDT

my newly planted honeysuckle vine(2 weeks from a start at store) is struggling. The leaves are curling and turning yellow with some dark spots. I have done research online but can't seem to find a good answer. I thought at first it was over watered but have cut back on watering significantly but its still happening. I pruned off any leaves that were turning yellow and any dead flower heads. Lastly I did fertilize it about a week about, but it was doing these things before I fertilized it, also I believe I have some sort of aphid attacking it looking at the holes in the leaves.

Lincoln County Washington

1 Response

My best guess is that it's transplant shock. Summer is not the best time to transplant anything. When you transplant, it takes awhile for the plant to put out the roots it needs to support both the nutrition and water needs of the plant. Just keep it moist, not wet, and if you can, keep it from full sun until it perks up. If the new growth coming out is healthy, your plant should do well. Good luck!