tomatoes in florida

Asked July 19, 2020, 9:44 PM EDT

the large corporate tomato farms in south Florida have two growing seasons for tomatoes ...........and they take a two month break in the summer because of the heat. my question: while planting in the spring season yields a crop before the summer heat i able to maintain (keep) the same 'mature' indeterminate plants for another crop in the fall when the temperatures are right. (understanding, of course, that there'll be no setting of fruit in the extreme temperatures of the summer.)

Sumter County Florida

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You may or may not be able to get your indeterminate tomatoes to hang on - some may not make it through the summer. If your plants are healthy, you could certainly try it, but you can plant again in the fall.

I'm glad to talk with you if you're in Sumter County. My information with UF/IFAS Extension shoudl print after this.