Weird bug things plastered all over maples and wasps building all over homes this year

Asked July 19, 2020, 9:21 PM EDT

What are those little lime green things plastered all over the leaves of the maples this year and Why is my home being attacked by many wasps building nests in all corners. What to do?

Washington County Minnesota

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No they are not galls. These things are like a hair next to each other like the young people at the beach. Probably 1/4" long. Hundreds of them upon the leaves.

Yup! That's it! I googled it and looks like they are not dangerous to the tree nor can they be destroyed. Why are we just seeing them now? Do they repeat each year?

As for the wasps, I have hive building in many places. Usually had one per year but they are all over now. How, outside of an exterminator which I cannot afford, can I get rid of them? Need someone on stilts.

Steve M: Meant to thank you for the info and response. "You guys" are invaluable! Again, thank you.

Wasps and bees are a part of the cycle of pollination. Try not to disturb them unless they are directly threatening to human activity or an allergic person.

Mites and galls increase and decrease. We are seeing many letters on this, this year.