sevin vs deer

Asked July 18, 2020, 7:16 PM EDT

is sevin dust harmful to deer and what harm is done

Summit County Ohio

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I could not find any effects specifically on deer. However, according to the federal label for Sevin 5% Dust, it is hazardous to humans and domestic animals if swallowed or absorbed through the skin. Deer are mammal just as humans and most domestic animals, so I would expect it to be dangerous if swallowed by deer as well. Deer have very thick coats of fur which would act as a barrier, so I believe the threat to them would be from ingestion rather than from absorption though the skin. Exposure by ingestion could easily occur if the product was applied to a plant that a deer then eats. The label also reads that Sevin Dust is "extremely toxic to aquatic invertebrates" and "may kill honeybees and other bees". I know you didn't ask about those species, but it seems there are quite a few animals that are impacted negatively by this insecticide. I hope this answers your questions. Please reach out again if not. Thank you!