Tomato leaf issue doesn’t match online examples

Asked July 17, 2020, 6:15 PM EDT

I have planted a variety of tomato hybrids in front and back yards. This leaf is from a dwarf Red Robin plant. It is covered with tomatoes but many of the leaves have turned silvery across the leaves. Two other tomato plants (different kind) in the front yard are fine. A second Red Robin plant in the back yard is fine. Can you tell me what is causing the silvery blighted leaves on this one plant?


1 Response

You mention two Red Robins in the back yard.

  1. How close together are the two plants?
  2. Are they planted in ground or in pots?
  3. Is the leaf damage throughout the plant or on one particular section or side of the plant?
  4. Is there any difference in the watering between the two Red Robins?
  5. Have the plants been pruned at all?
  6. Will you please send image of the whole plant and a close up of a damaged area?