Vole control

Asked July 17, 2020, 9:27 AM EDT

What is the best method and product to use to get rid of voles?

Eaton County Michigan

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Trapping is the most effective control for voles in home gardens. Here is the Information from Extension-

“trapping is the safest way to remove voles in home grounds or small orchards before vole numbers are extremely high. Fall and late winter are periods when voles are easiest to trap. Set mouse-sized snap traps at burrow openings or in runways near ornamental shrubbery, flower beds, gardens, or rock walls. Bait the traps with a peanut butter-oatmeal mixture or apple slices. Set the trap perpendicular to the runway, and cover the trap with an inverted cardboard box or pan. Be sure to allow space for the trap to operate freely under the covering. Check the traps twice daily, in the morning and evening, and reset the traps until no more voles are captured.”

Live traps, such as used for mice, can also be used on voles. However, it is not legal in Michigan to move live wildlife to public lands. Licensed trapping companies are licensed by Michigan DNR to trap, live trap, and move wildlife. The DNR has a list of licensed companies online


There is an extra permit companies must carry for relocating wildlife. To verify this you must call DNR - Casey Reitz 517-284-6210.

Here is the Vole reference from the DNR site. If you decide to use any of the listed chemicals please be very careful that pets, desirable wildlife and children do not have access to them. Always follow all label precautions and directions when using chemicals. The reference describes placing such toxic baits under a box or bucket to help prevent non target animals, like birds, from taking the poison baits.