dieing fruit trees, peach, pear, plum & apple.

Asked July 16, 2020, 4:19 PM EDT

Resident called office asking what might be causing the death of her fruit trees. They are all planted in the same area. The peach trees are leafless and the apple,plum & pear trees are showing signs of stress, - curling and or browining leaves. Would this be just heat stress or should i look for more sypmtons of disease. They are not watering.

Tuscola County Michigan

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More information is needed. How old are the trees (new or well established)? Has anything changed in the area of the trees since last year (grading, ground cover, spraying, salt, ???)? Has a soil test been done recently? if so what are the results? Soil type? Are the trees mulched (with what: compost, wood chips, straw/leaves, grass, ...)?

The peach tree described probably did not survive the winter . They are the most sensitive to cold temps or maybe it might have been peach tree borer.
The other trees may have a common site condition bothering them or similar diseases or insects causing problems.
Here's a website describing fruit tree diseases:
The other action is to contact the MSU Plant & Pest Diagnostics lab and send in detailed photos for possible ID. Contact them here: https://www.canr.msu.edu/pestid/