Weeping pine tree

Asked July 15, 2020, 6:18 PM EDT

Hello, We planted a weeping pine tree (about 4feet tall) earlier this year and are having trouble finding out what to do as far as trimming. It’s upper branches have already grown about 18 inches (planted end of May). They are droopy and beautiful but we don’t want to end up with a “ground cover “ or bush! Nor do I want to damage the tree but trimming wrong, at the wrong time etc..., Thank you very much

Ottawa County Michigan

1 Response

It is best to prune conifers like your weeping pine during the dormant season which reduces the amount of sap lost by the tree. So you could prune in late fall, during the winter or early spring before the tree begins new growth. Other than pruning the branches dragging on the ground, you will also want to consider the overall shape of your tree as well as the health of your tree. Following is a link that includes what to consider when pruning with a great picture of the cuts. Hope that helps.