Pest grasses

Asked July 15, 2020, 4:33 PM EDT

Photos 7842/7843 seem to be an annual grass. Started with a few I pulled out some years ago, a few more each year and now they're everywhere. I try to not mow my grass too often and don't use herbicides. They stick up high tho and I end up pulling them between mowings. Ideas on how to treat? I expect the other is quack grass. Do you agree? I dug some of it out--again not wanting to use herbicides, but expect it to be ongoing problem. ?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Two photos show nutsedge and the other does appear to be quackgrass.

Quackgrass is persistent and difficult to eliminate. Pulling is at best a temporary measure.

Well established nutsedge develops tubers that remain in the soil despite pulling. Herbicides are the prescribed alternative to manual control.