Crown Vetch as Ground Cover

Asked July 15, 2020, 3:28 PM EDT

it's been over a week since we submitted this question, and wanted to make sure it hadn't gotten lost -- so just re-submitting it with a slight clarification and an additional picture.
We have a cottage on a bluff on Lake Huron that is largely sand, but does have low bushy plants growing in it for erosion control. Recently, the lower part of the bluff was disturbed as part of installing a new break wall. We are looking for ground cover to plant there to combat erosion and have heard crown vetch is good for that. We have also heard that crown vetch is aggressive and is considered by some to be invasive. We don't want to encourage invasive species but need something to protect the bluff. We have also hear that fesque is good. Do you have any thoughts/recommendations regarding these or other ground cover to combat erosion? The clarification: We are most concerned about preserving the bluff on which the cottage structure sits (specifically the base, where it has been disturbed by the machinery used to install the seawall). We are not necessarily concerned as much about the horizontal sandy area in the picture.. more the bluff.

Huron County Michigan

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Thanks for the question and sorry it has taken a bit to get back to you.

Many times, Dune Grass, also known as American Beachgrass and Marram Grass, is used. I don't know what part of Huron County you're on - in the sandy side of west Michigan, Dune Grass is popular:

I would call the Huron County Conservation District to get their input as well. They can be reached at or phone 989.269.9540 ext. 3.