cane fruit varieties resistant to disease

Asked July 14, 2020, 9:20 AM EDT

I have some kind of root problem on my raspberries and feel it is time to 1) remove and destroy and 2) replace in a new location. I live in Lincoln City about 1.5 blocks from the beach. I am hoping to get information on disease resistant varieties of cane fruit that might be appropriate for my location and sources where I might purchase canes. My soil is a sandy loam. The disease process manifests in premature leaf die-back, smaller fruit and swollen nodules on the roots. I have avoided composting any raspberry material for many years. Thank you for your response.

Lincoln County Oregon

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This sounds like the symptoms of Phytophthora rubi that is usually associated with poor soil drainage. Here is some information from the PNW Disease Management Handbook

You definitely want to purchase certified disease-free plants from a reputable source, e.g., Blake's Coastal Nursery in Gleneden Beach; Shonnards in Corvallis.

To select the right raspberry cultivar, you should consult this Oregon State Extension publication - " Raspberry Cultivars for the Pacific Northwest" - Here is a link You'll want to start on page 3 with "Cultivar Table Notes". You should select cultivars that are both suitable for home garden use AND resistant to root rot (Phytophthora).

If you haven't already looked at them, here are a couple other very useful Oregon State Extension publications about growing berries on the coast:
- "Growing Berries on the Coast: An Overview" -

- "Growing Raspberries in Your Home Garden" -