Freeze bird mites ?

Asked July 13, 2020, 6:58 PM EDT

We have bird mites in our house due to a robins' nest on our outdoor speakers on our porch. Our porch, screened in porch and yard all are affected. They came in the house through the bathroom window and linen closet. We are using Premo Guard, Sevin in the yard, and vaccuuming and cleaning like mad.
I took all of our towels and linens and sealed them in a bag and put them in our almost empty chest freezer. Will freezing kill bird mites? Please say yes !

Franklin County Ohio

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First, stop reading and believing everything on the Internet, especially sites devoted to bird mites. This is a simple pest problem that, if it exists, is relatively easy to treat. As soon as the robins leave the nest, block the nest site off so it can't be reused. Dust the area lightly with diatomaceous earth or a silica aerogel product (like Cimexa). This dust can also be used to dust lightly around the windows and other places near the nest where the mites could be getting in. Bird mites do not live in linens or towels or clothing. The fastest way to dis-infest anything right now is to either place in a drier on high heat for 30 mins, or in a clear plastic bag, sealed and left in the sun for an afternoon. Once the birds go away, the mites will also go away. For more information, see