Damage to Maple tree

Asked July 13, 2020, 1:46 PM EDT

Our neighbor recently got onto our property and cut down many branches (including large ones) off our 13 year old Autumn Blaze Maple tree. It looks to be severely damaged by what he did to it. The police have been called and the neighbor issued a citation. We need to have someone look at the tree and advise us if it's savable or if we need to take it totally down. 1/2 of the tree branches on one side of the tree were cut off at the trunk. The tree is now very imbalanced. If it is savable, we need to know how to best care for the areas where the branches were severed. Thank you.

Anoka County Minnesota

3 Responses

The tree has sealed the wounds so there is no treatment for them. If the tree dies your neighbor is legally responsible for the damage and can be required to compensate you for the value of the tree. A mature shade tree is worth thousands. An arborist can advise. The neighbor did compromise the tree. The difficult part is it can take up to 7 years before a tree will die from damage. As long as you don’t see bacterial ooze from the wounds and the tree leafs out normally in the spring it will probably survive.

So sorry, I have a neighbor like that too, only they cut the branches off exactly on the property line so there was no recourse. The tree has stayed fine, so there is hope. I think a row of tress that sucker prodigiously might be comforting.

Thank you Evelyn for your expertise and advice. This is (was) a beautiful mature Maple tree that we have tended to since we planted it 13 years ago. We are sick about the damage that our neighbor did to the tree. We have taken your advice and contacted an arborist to come out an advise on what we can do to save this tree,,now knowing that there is no guarantee of it's survival. However, we will do whatever it takes to help it heal from its wounds. Thank you again for your wisdom.