Tomato problem

Asked July 13, 2020, 10:53 AM EDT

This spring I planted 3 tomato plants. After a month they showed no growth. The leaves were curled and deformed. I threw them out and replanted. These plants started to grow immediately and one produced a tomato. But now the plants show the same symptoms as the first group. I looked online and it looks like the tobacco mosaic virus. If that is true what can I do. I think it is to late to plant again. What can I do next year? Thanks Joe Clancy

Fayette County Kentucky

1 Response

In this situation, the best thing to do would be to bring the plant, with roots intact if possible, to the extension office so that we can take it for testing to our pathology lab. Tobacco/Tomato Mosaic Virus can be very hard to distinguish, so we would much rather make recommendations for control once it is confirmed to be the problem as to not give you incorrect information. Please call us at the Fayette Extension Office, (859) 257-5582, for further assistance. Thanks!