Sunpatiens Leaf Spot?

Asked July 13, 2020, 10:03 AM EDT

I have sunpatien beds lining my entry sidewalks that are starting to die. It begins with a yellow, spotted leaf and progresses to leaf/flower loss, wilting, and death. After researching it looks like leaf spot, but we live in Texas and heat has been extreme. We are watering daily due to the heat but the soil is drying out quickly so doesn't look like over-watering.

If it is leaf spot disease what other avenues for treatment do I have besides removing the sunpatiens?


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Sun impatiens really don't do well in most of Texas in full sun and especially, if they receive late afternoon summer sun.

You can try to grow them in an area receiving all day filter light or receiving a little bit of early morning sunlight.

If it's an area receiving full sun or at least six hours of intense sunlight, try Cora Vinca or Whopper Begonias which are both Texas Superstar Plant selections.

God's Blessings and Happy Gardening

David Rodriguez -Extension Horticulturist
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
Bexar County/San Antonio