Gypsy moth infestation

Asked July 12, 2020, 7:52 PM EDT

Should I call an expert to get rid of a Gypsy moth infestation in my yard in Warren? If so, who do you recommend?

Macomb County Michigan

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MSUE has partnered with Macomb County and local communities for many years to provide assistance with gypsy moth infestation. Please call our Gypsy Moth Help lIne at 586-469-6432 to provide your contact information. We will add your address to our list of places to survey in the fall. We will be conducting a county wide survey this fall to identify gypsy moth hot spots that may qualify for a spring 2021 spray program. You can also get more information on gypsy moth by visiting our web site:

In our fall surveying last year we detected gypsy moth in an area of Warren. However the city did not join the county spray program. You might want to follow up with the city to provide information on your infestation to see if joining the spray program would benefit these areas.