Growing all over my back yard

Asked July 12, 2020, 3:58 PM EDT

Can you please identify this plant/tree and tell me how to eradicate it? It appears to be coming up along tree root systems. I have additional photos if you need them. Thank You so much for any assistance.

Dakota County Minnesota

3 Responses

These appear to be tree seedlings. What type of trees are they coming up near?

We primarily have cottonwood trees. We have spent most of last season and working this season on cleaning out buckthorn and now these are appearing along root lines. We purchased property in Dec 2018 and don’t hav any idea of variety. Property was built in 1979 and used as a rent house. Very neglected yard.

They are definitely tree seedlings and can be eliminated by hand pulling. Continued mowing will overtime eliminate the as well. While they look like cottonwood their stems of cottonwood are typically reddish in color so I cannot be sure.