Yellow needles at base of newly planted 20-gallon Tannenbaum Mugo Pines

Asked July 12, 2020, 12:53 PM EDT

Hi, We recently purchased and planted ten Tannenbaum mugo pines at our property in Roseville. Some details: • 20-gallon pots purchased from Bachman’s, originally from an Oregon nursery • I planted them on 6/20/2020. Dug the holes 2x diameter of pots, amended the soil with 50% peat moss Question: After about 3 weeks, we started observing some yellow needles primarily in the lower branches and near the inner area of branches. I’m wondering if we might be watering them too much. • I water them every 2 days and try to keep soil generally damp • We have clay soil – outside of the amended soil/peat moss mix • The watering guide recommends: water every 2nd day during 1st month after planting when daytime high temps are above 80 degrees; water every 6th day after 1st month • One thing I realize I did NOT do yet is to apply Plant Starter I’d like your thoughts on the pattern of yellow needles and if you have any thoughts to share. Thanks! Pete

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Based upon what we can see in the photos, the plants seem to be faring well and your attention to their care is salutary.

Some yellowing of the oldest needles is normal for pines transplanted in mid-summer. More needles closest to the trunk may turn yellow in fall. The oldest needles are shed at that time of year.

Thank you Bob - I appreciate your thoughts!