Leaking Dam

Asked July 12, 2020, 12:38 PM EDT

We have a private 7 acre lake in Brandenburg. The dam also acts as our driveway. It has started leaking and we have lost at least 4 ft. Of lake water. I am wondering if there is any help available to us to fix this problem. Thanks.

Meade County Kentucky

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To my knowledge there is not much financial help out there to remedy this problem. If possible, it would be useful to see where in the dam the water may be leaking. often a wet area or a place that supports aquatic plants can be seen at least where the water is pooling or flowing out on the backside or the dam. There are not too many repair options when the pond is full of water. Running the largest wheeled vehicle possible (8 wheel tractor, etc) over the dam may compact the soils and reduce the leaking area. Was a core trench dug first before the dam was constructed? If not, water can get under the dam. If the source of the leak can be found there may be some possibilities to patch it. Is there any piping going through the dam? My email address is fwynne@uky.edu or call 270-554-9520. I can send some pond repair information to you. Forrest Wynne