Dung beetles

Asked July 11, 2020, 10:06 PM EDT

Is there any list with pictures of dung beetles native to or common in Michigan? Also for the cattle experts are there any fly control methods that are not harmful to dung beetles?

Presque Isle County Michigan

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Hi There,
Several years ago, a high school Student named Rachel collected and identified dung beetles at the MSU Lake City Research Center. Her website is: https://tinyalliesinthepasture.wordpress.com/me-and-my-research/ and you can connect with her via that webpage.

There are several methods of control, i am only listing a couple of them. This one is called the fly barrel https://youtu.be/1zuaDl7cR2g

Yes, there are fly control methods that are not harmful to dung beetles, an example of that woudl be Cydectin. https://www.bayerlivestock.com/static/documents/Livestock/pdf%20documents/CY171164_Cydectin_Beef_Pour-On_Master_Detailer.pdf