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Asked July 11, 2020, 3:40 PM EDT

I bought some crickets from my local pet store and found this little one amongst them. I am trying to identify it. It is currently about 20mm in legspan and has had a moult already. Please can anyone help as I’m not too keen on having a potentially venomous spider as a pet.

Outside United States

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all spiders have venom but mos will not bite unless attacked. Which means as long as you do not try to pick it up with your fingers, it should not be a problem. I do not recognize this particular species but it was probably having a feast on the crickets when the vendor packaged it up for your deliver.

I have looked online and even downloaded an identification app and they come up with anything from a nursery spider, a huntsman, a wolf spider and a Brazilian wandering spider. He certainly had a good feed while he was in with the crickets as he had one twice the size of him in his mouth.

It helps to limit possibilities when you know where the crickets came from. The markings might help to narrow the ID further. Being able to see the eye pattern can do a lot to narrow the ID to one or two families. Unless you come from some place near central or south America, I think you can check out your first 3 options.