crown vetch

Asked July 11, 2020, 3:00 PM EDT

I have some ditches (approx 770' x 25') along a road that are horribly overgrown with weeds. I am thinking of planting some crown vetch in the hopes it will eventually crowd out the garbage weeds. What would be the best way to plant the seeds? Broadcast? I can field mow the ditches in September and get a late fall planting, but I would not be able to broadcast on bare soil. Would the seeds work their way to the ground before germinating. Is crown vetch an annual or perennial? As always, thank you for your help. Scott Clover, Afton

Washington County Minnesota

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Crown vetch is a restricted plant in Minnesota and sale of the plant/seeds is prohibited. You may want to consider rain garden plants instead, even clover would work. Read through the suggestions in this link and compare with your soil and growing conditions. These are tough plants that do not need a lot of attention. Then perhaps you may want to kill off everything with a non-selective herbicide like Round Up and put in some of these plants/seeds. Read the label on the herbicide as there are several
formulas. One will allow planting within a few days to a week, one within a few months but one will sterilize the soil for an entire year!