What’s wrong with my Black Eyes Susan’s?

Asked July 11, 2020, 1:05 PM EDT

Hello, while our watering this morning, I noticed that the center of some of my BES’s have, well, mutated or something? Are you able to tell me what is wrong here and if it is a disease that needs to be removed? Thank you very much, Kyla McGraw

Hennepin County Minnesota

3 Responses

It does look like some of the plants have Aster Yellows. Those plants should be removed from your garden. https://extension.umn.edu/plant-diseases/aster-yellows

Oh gosh, this is so disappointing! Thank you for letting me know though, after some research I think you are exactly right. I am now concerned about my echinacea that is right next to it though. Do these look like they are also sick?

Some echinaceas do have a raised center. Ohers are flat. Check out the variety you planted but they are probably fine..