Desert willow diseased leaves

Asked July 11, 2020, 9:59 AM EDT

Bought last fall in 5gal pot. Planted it in the ground in full sun. It leafed out this spring and even had several flowers. It has begun to loose leaves from bottom of stems..leaves have yellow to brown spots, leaves curl turn brown fall off. New leaves still forming at top of main stems but afraid spots will catchup with new growth. Not looking good. Am not overwatering, but East Texas can be Can my tree be savedhumid

Panola County Texas

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I wished you had submitted images to help with seeing what is occurring to your plant. Based on the information that you provide, it sound like a poor root system. You mentioned that you are not overwatering - assuming that in ground moisture conditions are ok, then you can rule out root rot. So I would think it might be poor root establishment. Sometimes this can occur when plants are overfertilized - too much top growth and roots are not keeping up.

If this is outdoors you might want to know that conditions in East TX is conducive for root rot related problems. We have seen high numbers of pathogenic root rot issues this year at the Plant CLinic.