There's a SMALL bug in my room, that's hard to kill. Please help me!

Asked July 11, 2020, 1:16 AM EDT

Hi! I've seen this small bug around my house especially in my room, and restroom. I always use a blanket when I do my hair so it doesn't get on my carpet and when I wanted to dust my hair off in my bath tub... I saw it. I recently found some on my blanket (where I sleep) and I'm scared it will bite me! Even taking a picture was hard since it's a tiny bug. Please I would appreciate it if you answer what this small bug wants, how to get rid of it, what exactly is it, and if it bites. I forgot to include this, it's difficult to kill!! (Please help me!)

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The image is a bit dark so I can not see details. It is a beetle, not a bed bug. It might bite to defend itself but I doubt it will cause much harm to an adult. I would need a better image. You could probably scoop them up in a jar and toss them outside. If I had a better image or two, I might be able to tell you more. I would also help to have something in the image to give me some idea of size.
It could also be a red flour beetle or confused flour beetle.
Check the following site to see if what you have is one of these.

Here is some ideas of what you can do to locate and control them

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