What kind of moth is this

Asked July 11, 2020, 12:01 AM EDT

This moth has been in on a sponge in our garage utility sink for two days now. What kind of moth is this?

New Castle County Delaware

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This appears to be a Pandora sphinx moth. This uncommon sphinx moth often flies at dusk. The caterpillars of this species may be found on grapes or Virginia creepers. This insect is not a pest and should not be treated with insecticides. This is an excellent food source for many bird species in the area.

Thank you for your response. Luckily I photographed it when I did because it was gone the next day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

I forgot to ask, since we have grape vines, could you send a picture of the caterpillar in case we see those as well?

Many thanks

This is a picture of the caterpillar in one of its color morphs. Caterpillars can often be different colors but be the same species. This picture it is red, but the caterpillar can also be green or a deeper red to almost brown. Whatever the color it will have the white spots also. This species belongs to the group of moths called sphinx moths. Their caterpillars are called horntails. In this picture, the "horntail" is not present but it did have one earlier. This insect is closely related to the tomato hornworm and its caterpillar form is similar.