Web on Dogwood Tree - Causing Brown Leaves

Asked July 10, 2020, 4:24 PM EDT

I have a 3-4 year old Dogwood tree. I noticed a web in the branches and leaves turning brown. Can you help identify and give treatment regiment. Thanks - Alan

Kent County Michigan

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Your dogwood tree has been invaded by fall webworms. This pest arrives later in the growing season and feeds on the leaves of the tree. Normally webworms feeding on trees doesn't do permanent damage. The trees will grow back new leaves in the spring. By the time the fall webworm begins feeding, the tree has gained most of its nutrition already from the tree. The fall webworm is not considered to be a significant pest, but certainly unsightly.

You may be able to reduce the population of these caterpillars by taking a stick or pole and break up the web. This will allow birds, wasps, and hornets to feed
on the webworms. You could also use a broomstick to remove the web and then soak it in a pail of soapy water to kill the webworms.