Question about my Honeycrisp Apple Tree

Asked July 10, 2020, 1:50 PM EDT

I have a problem with my apple tree leaves this year. I have a Honeycrisp apple tree. The leaves have recently just started disappearing. The only part left is the brown vein system of the leaf, all the green flesh of the leaf is gone. I have sprayed in the spring for moths and worms and my apples look good; they are about golf ball/ping pong ball size. But without a good leaf canopy will they continue to grow to harvest? What should I look for? What treatment will help?

Goodhue County Minnesota

2 Responses

Hopefully there are enough good leaves for your fruit to develop, You may have had a hatch of cankerworms. The spots on the leaves do not seem to match any leaf disease I have been able to find. I am giving you a link to cankerworms and also one with diagnostic photos and descriptions of leaf diseases on apple trees. Maybe you will find something there that matches what you are seeing and I cannot with just a few photos.

I think it is Japanese beetle damage. Check the upper leaves early in the morning and see if you can see some.