Thinning of leaves and turning ashy in color

Asked July 10, 2020, 8:48 AM EDT

Dogwood is 18 yrs old, leaves thinning ashy green in color, for the 18 yrs it has been healty. Foliage at top is thick and dark green in color. It recieves full sunlight all day.
Soil is sandy on top and a white clay base . Also the leaves seem to be narrow in size compared to the healthier leave at the top. Any help is appreciated.

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Anne Arundel County Maryland

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Your dogwood has powdery mildew. This is an old disease, but a new type is hammering dogwoods these days. Plus, we had the ideal weather favoring powdery mildew this spring.

The good news is that since your dogwood did not have it in the past, it may have some resistance to the new type. Here is what you need to know, including what to do it you have to replace it someday: