I have black soldier fly inside

Asked July 9, 2020, 7:25 PM EDT

Hello I have a little problem ...I actually been seeing a different type of worm coming out where I have my washer and dryer I have remove alot of them ... I research them they look like a soldier fly .... I cleaned.... I even got things ,spray so they can go away but eventually they have not stop coming out I've moved everything but i just cant find where they are coming from I'm so stressed out already this has been two weeks now I've been seeing this & also the fly please help what should I do next

Webb County Texas

1 Response

Soldier flies live in moist organic matter, so the key will be to figure out where that is. Once you have found the source, clean that up real well and there won't be a spot for them to lay their eggs.

What you pictured is the pupa or a prepupa, and those will leave the source in search of another spot to pupate. May try to trace them back to their source that way.

if they are inside the washer and drier, may look well in there to see if you have some organic matter growing in there and use some sort of cleaner. I would also check the drain lines, etc.

If you can't find it, contact a pest management professional for some help.