Is well water potable?

Asked July 9, 2020, 7:21 PM EDT

I’m in the River Road area of Eugene. I have a well with the hand pump. I’m wondering if I can drink the water straight from the spigot. What do you think? And what are the health risks if I do it anyway?

Lane County Oregon

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You will want to have this water tested before consuming. While Nitrate and Arsenic will not make you sick immediately - they do have long term effects if consumed regularly. The one that can make you sick very quickly is coliform bacteria, especially if the coliform in there is e. coli. On the mild side you can have digestive effects to the more extreme side effect of death. There are several analytical labs in Eugene that would be able to test the water.

Thank you.

Will you please share a few names of analytical labs in Eugene that would be able to test?

- Cody

Analytical Lab and Delta Environmental are both local to Eugene.