Ground vine?

Asked July 9, 2020, 6:39 PM EDT

Can you help me identify this weed / vine? I was told by my landscaping company that it is an underground vine.

Muskegon County Michigan

1 Response

This plant is called three-seeded mercury (Acalypha rhombodiea). It is an native annual plant in Michigan. It is not a vine, but rather emerges from seed every year. Preemergence herbicide applications to the lawn, such as those that target crabgrass, should help.

To see more photos of this plant visit Michigan Flora at and click on "All Images" under the picture. While this plant is not currently listed for Muskegon County, it just means that there is no herbarium specimen on record, but given the proximity of other records it is not surprising to see it where you are.

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