Spring blooms, now just growth

Asked July 9, 2020, 4:43 PM EDT

Weather today 93° feels 107• dew point 78. The top of a rose bush died. The next spring was going to dig up, but it had a green sprout. Nursed it thru last year. No blooms, but multiple stems out of ground & 3-4 foot long. Come this spring it busted out with 30-40 blooms in bunches of 4 or 5. Beautiful. Trimmed off flowers when dead hoping for more blooms. Again it shot out multiple branches 4'-5' long. Read if plant gets "leggy" branches w/o blooms, cut the ends of branches off. I did after the last 5 leaf branch. Now each of those cut branches are themselves have 3 to 5 new branches growing, now at about a foot long each with no signs of blooms or slowing down. Plant looks Great! But still no more blooms. What to do.

Henderson County Texas

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If the top died, what might be growing back is the rootstock. The rootstock may only flower once a year.

If the flowers were a dark red, and the plant appears to be a climbing rose, it might be "Dr. Huey".

Miss Elizabeth, I think you nailed it on the head.
I have seen climbing Rose's and my bush is not one.
Looked up a Dr. Huey and the Rose's do look just like mine. The bush bloomed in mid spring with clusters of 4 or 5 Rose's per branch.
I included a picture of it from spring.
If it is the Huey, any tips for turning it into a amazing bush?

For that kind of rose, they only bloom once a year on year old wood. So if you cut too much off as the plants are growing, you might be cutting off potential blooms. Dr. Huey is a climbing rose, and it looks like it wants to climb, so I'd wait to do more pruning after it blooms next year.
You can find other general rose care information here: https://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/archives/parsons/publications/roses/care.html

Ms. Elizabeth,
Out of 3 "Experts" you are the only 1 with all the same information that deduced it is a Dr Huey variety.
Thank You.
On 4 other rose bushes, the PH level was high (7.2) so I looked up cause & treatment. Came up with Black Strap Molasses & Aluminum Sulfate used to lower PH.
Have used both & PH level has climb to over 8.0?
Because water is used to add in distribution of these, now they are saturated.
Am I going about this wrong?

Are you seeing any ill effects from the high pH? A high pH can tie up nutrients in the soil, but if the plants seem fine, I wouldn't worry about the pH.

I've never heard of using molasses to alter soil pH, and while it may help the soil microbes, I don't think it's going to have much effect on pH. Ammonium sulfate lowers the pH only a little. To get more of an effect from it, you have to use it for years and not have a soil high in calcium carbonate.
It could be that your water is alkaline. That can increase the soil pH over time. I'm surprised that you saw that quick a rise in pH though. Is there any way to calibrate your pH meter?