Wilted leaves on my fog tree

Asked July 9, 2020, 3:11 PM EDT

Hi, I have a fig tree that until 2 days ago, seemed very strong and healthy. However, it seems that suddenly the leaves are wilted and dropping.
It has a drip system, so I don’t believe the problem has to do with not getting enough water.

San Diego County California

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Poor fig! Take a close look at the base of the tree and the trunk - are there any areas that seem swollen or cracked? And just to be sure, push you hand into the soil down to 6 inches and make sure it's moist, all the way out to the edge of the leaves (the drip edge). Sometimes drip emitters clog up and then the tree won't get the water it needs. Also, are there an mushrooms within 10 feet or so of the tree?