Light green stalk-like grass/weed invading lawn

Asked July 8, 2020, 7:11 PM EDT

I have a stalk-like grass or weed that seems every year to spread more in my yard. It rips so easily out of the ground it’s hard to believe it’s even attached. It’s brown and matted underneath. would like help identifying it and advice On who could get rid of it for me. I am considering ripping up that entire area of the lawn and sodding it because it has been so problematic and still may do that but I want to know how to prevent it.

Thank you. Lori

New Castle County Delaware

1 Response

This looks like Poa trivialis, aka roughstalk bluegrass. It can be difficult to control, and spread quickly, especially in low lying wet areas. The best way to completely rid your turf of this is with glyphosate. Spray a non selective herbicide then rake out the dead plant material and reseed the area.