URGENT: Fungus/Mold on Fabric/Cardboard Container Vegetable Garden Justina Laginess Brighton MI

Asked July 8, 2020, 4:54 PM EDT

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Created container vegetable garden last week - from greenhouse grown plants [from Memorial Day Weekend ... yes, they were being watered/had sunlight ... but needed to be planted pronto].

Have Fabric Containers (two brands) in 10 g, 15 g, and 20 g. and (woefully) used some Cardboard Box Containers (various sizes).
Planting into containers occurred 6/30-7/3.
Soil = Equal parts Bacco Lite Potting Soil + Spaghnum Peat ... [Some just Bacco Lite Potting Soil] + Perlite + Vermiculite + a little Blood Meal + a little Bone Meal + a little Lime.

Too much H2O + 90's Heat + Humidity = Brown/Sandy Growth on cardboard (lots!!!) and fabric (10 g lots!!) ... now growing on top layer of dirt, approaching plants; believe it is starting in 15 g and 20 g containers. Dry rot on its way!! No H2O today so far. HELP!!

First garden in 20 years, first time with fabric/cardboard containers. Hoping to salvage what I can. Solution will still involve containers (but don't know what I should use and would still need to get them) as I do NOT have rototilled ground/topsoil. Worst case: Could rototill, but not time efficient + Hot/Humid 90's

My husband has been so helpful with the garden project ... we have both put lots of time and $$$ into it. Am mortified I over watered - but it has been SO HOT AND HUMID. Plants looked droopy without water. Was trying to be a good gardener. Didn't want them to die!!

Now, the fungus/mold is invading everywhere.

Again, fungus/mold originally looked like "dirt" or "sand" that happened to get on the sides of the containers. Monday night I wondered if it was mold. Still watered 2x yesterday, but ordered new fabric containers - better brand. Now more fungus/mold in more containers AND inside, on top of soil. Using cardboard boxes was an horrible ideas (but looked at sites that said it was OK to do).

Livingston County Michigan

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Hello! As we discussed, it looks like you have a slime mold growing in and on your containers. Also, as I said in my email, I am working on a more thorough response addressing your questions about sanitation and what types of containers to use.

On slime molds:

Thank you, Irene