Pear coddling moth next steps

Asked July 8, 2020, 3:21 PM EDT

I've found pear coddling moth larva on my barlett tree. Pear had frass at the blossom end. I cut it open and found a tiny pink larva. What are my next steps? Should I remove other pears? Can I save the harvest on my tree this year?
Thank you!

Multnomah County Oregon

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Managing codling moth in pears (apples, too) involve both pesticides and various cultural activities. You're at the stage where you need to institute a number of cultural practices, among them these:
- Remove and destroy all obviously infested fruits. Do not compost.
- Destroy all infested windfalls.

Next, consider using various of the cultural suggestions in "Codling Moth" (,among them these:
- Cover each intact fruit with a footie or small paper bag.
- Use corrugated cardboard to trap the larvae (youngsters) as they move down the trunk to the soil. Attach the cardboard around the trunk or as a roll on the ground.

Consider using these low-toxicity strategies, both are available in home gardener packaging but may be difficult to locate:
- Apply CYD-X,, according to directions; it's a virus damaging to codling moths but not people or pets. (It's rather costly but quite effective.)
- Apply Kaolin Clay according to directions. (The "dusty" coating on the fruits is easily washed off.)