Mushrooms in the lawn

Asked July 8, 2020, 1:10 PM EDT

I am getting a lot of small white mushrooms in coming up in my lawn. They have a cap like an umbrella or Chinese coolie hat. My main concern is whether they are harmless or poisonous. Our dog likes to go along and nip off the top of them. She has not gotten sick, but we have not allowed her to eat many. Is it a Ph issue or am I watering the grass too much? I have taken a picture with my i-phone if you would need that, but I would need my granddaughter to help me out on that one.

Oakland County Michigan

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Mushrooms in lawns can happen for a number of reasons but do so only when conditions are just right, usually after a rain but can happen anywhere at any time. Identifying edible mushrooms is difficult, sometimes even for the experienced, and not something we can do. Read more here:

Of the many different types of mushrooms, most are not toxic, but those that are
can be highly toxic. Mushrooms appear quickly but disappear just as quickly so the situation is temporary. Dogs experience everything by taste and smell and should not be allowed to eat mushrooms of any type. Read more here:

Good luck!