Cats under hood of car

Asked July 8, 2020, 11:53 AM EDT

How do you keep cats and squirrels from hiding under the hood of your car?

Furnas County Nebraska

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Hopefully this is not a huge problem around Beaver City. Tree squirrels can be deterrred by some repellents including capsacin (pepper spray), moth balls, and a product called ROPEL. I would suggest the placement of mothballs in crevices of the engine compartment would be more pleasant than the others. Several Wildlife specialist in Georgia and California indicate that squirrels tend to only climb up in vehicles which have been dormant for extended periods. In all cases placing the car where animals are excluded (garage, etc.) works. In western Nebraska the big culprits are rabbits chewing on wires. The greater the disatance from trees - the less squirrel issues. The cats - not sure.