Hackberry troubles

Asked July 8, 2020, 11:45 AM EDT

We have 25 hackberry trees in our yard ranging from 3 originals, we've been there 45 years and the rest we have planted over the years bare root. This year they all seem to be slowly dying, except the original 3 seem to be untouched. The browning seemed to start at the top of the trees and move down. Do you know of anyone else with issues? We changed our weed spray this year that we use for lawn weeds from curtail to Grazon that we purchased I believe at Lake Park Triangle Agronomy and are wondering if that could be killing our trees .My husband thinks it is root uptake being they are dying from the top down. No other tree variety seems to be affected. We live on hwy 10 between lake park and Hawley, clay county. We would be devastated to lose 25 beautiful hackberry trees. Steve & Laurie Knutson

Clay County Minnesota

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It is possible that the trees are suffering from Grazon toxicity.

Yeah, picloram stays active in the soil. One of the benefits of grazon P+D (picloram and 2,4-D) is that the picloram portion not only would kill the woody weeds 2,4-D wouldn't touch, it would also give you residual control of broadleaf weeds.

For that reason, I wouldn't spray picloram around any tree or bush you really cared about.

I would contact the manufacturer of Grazon and ask if it can be used around trees.
So sorry, i hope they are suffering from high temperatures, if that is the case mulching under the trees to conserve water will help and they should eventually recover.