Electric fence no voltage

Asked July 8, 2020, 8:55 AM EDT

Anyone, please advise me on electric fencing to protect garden from raccoons. In my life I’ve effectively made many electric fences and never had so much difficulty. Charger produces 2000 volts at terminals but none at fence 20 feet away. Copper clad ground rod is 4 feet deep. Never have I used more than one rod for fence only 900 feet long. And test of 15 foot fence connected same also doesn’t show even 600v at fence. Can charger be bad yet give 2 kV at terminals? I do have another 7’ ground rod but, again, I never had to use more than one. Other rod is galvanized, not copper clad, but guess that doesn’t matter. Just hate to sink another rod for temporary garden fence, as it may be in the way later and they are very difficult to pull out when not needed. Is it the charger although it has 2 kV at the terminals?

Barren County Kentucky

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In dry weather, the ground rod can become ineffective. Try slowing pour 5-10 gallons of water around rod. Personally I use an old 5 gallon bucket with a 1/8" hole drilled in it about 1/2" from the bottom to allow for slow release of the water.

Thanks for your reply! Turns out the tester (although new) was defective. Returned the FarmWorks 5 (6?) light tester to TSC, bought a 5 (6? I forgot) light Dare tester from RK and KY shows 7 kV on fence now. Had also bought new FarmWorks 15 mile charger from TSC so possibly the first one was defective though it had 2000 kV at terminals. Problem solved; ground rod is fine.