Cherry tree maggots

Asked July 7, 2020, 7:06 PM EDT

I live across the field from the extension office in Jville. I have about ten trees varying varieties of cherries. I know the neighbor has several very large and old trees. Upon talking to her this spring she said she had problems with little maggots in her cherries which also has occurred this year. I did not have the problem last year but was aware this year to that issue. I picked cherries early on several of the varieties but did not see a problem but then on the latter season varieties they are decimated by little worms. First is this a large problem in this area? Second should this thing be a concern for crops everywhere in the area? And third what can be done? I did look at youtube videos which suggest that any spraying that can be done is for commercial crops because the chemicals are very strong. If so what can be done such as traps or do you have programs to ascertain assess and mitigate such issues. This is really something that I sense is a huge problem for the backyard orchardist. Thank you. I did pick all cherries and destroy the crop to make sure they do not overwinter or whatever they do after they hatch. David Traugott 5413266126

Jackson County Oregon

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There are two small fruit flies that can infest cherries in Oregon - the spotted wing drosophila (SWD) and the cherry fruit fly. You can contact the extension office for help with identification. It is important to correctly identify what the problem you may have is so that the appropriate management methods can be used. Both can be difficult pests for home orchards. Traps can be used effectively to monitor for SWD but not reliablly for western cherry fruit fly. These are some articles on each of these pests. They explain some of the management techniques homeowners can use to reduce damage from these pests.,about%20the%20time%20of%20harvest.